Seroquel 50mg

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Seroquel 50mg

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8. Dry, and examine. Results: Rickettsiae, red; cell nuclei, deep blue; cytoplasm, light blue. REFERENCES Albert, Henry. 1920. Diphtheria bacillus stains with a description of a "new" one. Am. J. Public Health, 10, 334-337. . 1921. Modification of stain for diphtheria bacilli. J. Am. Med. Assoc, 76, 240. STAINING METHODS 35 Anthony, E. E. 1931. A note on capsule staining. Science, 73, 319. Bailey, H. D. 1929. A flagella and capsule stain for bacteria. Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med., 27, 111-112. Bartholomew, J. W., and Tod Mitwer. 1950. A simplified bacterial spore stain. Stain TechnoL, 25, 153-156. Bartholomew, J. W., and W. W. Umbreit. 1944. Ribonucleic acid and the Gram stain. /. Bacteriol., 48, 567-578. Benians, T. H. C. 1916. Relief staining for bacteria and spirochaetes. Brit. Med. J. 1916 (2), 722. Blumenthal, J. M., and M. Lipskerow. 1905. Vergleichende Bewertung der differ- entiellen Methode zur Farbung des Diphtheriebacillus. Centr. BakterioL, I Abt., Orig., 38, 359-366. Burdon, Kenneth L. 1946. Fatty material in bacteria and fungi revealed by stain- ing dried, fixed slide preparations. /. Bacteriol., 52, 665-678. Burke, Victor. 1921, The Gram stain in the diagnosis of chronic gonorrhea. ./. Am. Med. Assoc, 77, 1020-1022. . 1922. Notes on the Gram stain with description of a new method, /. Bacterial., 7, 159-182. Conklin, Marie E. 1934. Mercurochrome as a bacteriological stain. /. Bacterial., 27, 30. Conn, H. J. 1953. "Biological Stains," 6th ed. Biotech Publications, Geneva, N. Y. , and Mary A. Darrow. 1943-1945. "Staining Procedures." Biotech Publi- cations, Geneva, N. Y. Cooper, F. B. 1926. A modification Seroquel 50mg of the Ziehl-Neelsen staining method for tuber- cle bacilli. Arch. Pathol. Lab. Med., 2, 382-385. Darrow, Mary A. 1948. Staining of tubercle organism in sputum smears. Stain TechnoL, 24, 93-94. Dorner, W, C. 1922. Ein neues Verfahren fiir isolierte Sporenfarbung, Landwirtsh. Jahrh. Schweiz., 36, 595-597. . 1926, Un procede simple pour la coloration des spores. Lait, 6, 8-12. . 1930. The negative staining of bacteria. Stain TechnoL, 5, 25-27. Fisher, P. J., and Jean E. Conn. 1942. A flagella staining technic for soil bacteria. Stain TechnoL, 17, 117-121. Fontana, Artur. 1912. Verfahren zur intensiver und raschen Farbung des Tro^ ponema pallidum und anderer Spirochaten. Derm. Wochschr., 55, 1003-1004. Galli-Valerio, B. 1915. La methode de Casares-Gil pour la coloration des cils des bacteries. CenL BakterioL, I Abt. Orig., 76, 233-234. Gray, P. H. H. 1926, A method of staining bacterial flagella. /. Bacteriol., 12, 273-274. Gross, Milton. 1952. Rapid staining x>i acid fast bacteria. Ayn. J. Clin. Pathol., 22, 1034-1035. Henry, H., and M. Stacey. 1943. Histochemistry of the Gram-staining reaction for micro-organisms. Nature, 151, 671. Hiss, P, J., Jr. 1905. A contribution Seroquel 50mg to the physiological differentiation of Pneumo- coccus and Streptococcus, and to methods of staining capsules. /. Exptl. Med., 6, 317-345, Hucker, G, J. 1922. Comparison of various methods of Gram staining. (Pre- Seroquel 50mg liminary Report.) Abstr. Bacteriol., 6, 2. , and H. J. Seroquel 50mg Conn, 1923. Methods of Gram staining. N.Y. State Agr. Expt. Sta Tech. BulL 129. 36 MANUAL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL METHODS . 1927. Further studies on the methods of Gram staining. N.Y. State Agr. Expt. Sta. Tech. Bull. 128. Kinyoun, J. Seroquel 50mg J. 1915. Seroquel 50mg A modification of Ponder's stain for diphtheria. Am. J. Public Health, 5, 246-247. Kopeloff, N., and P. Beerman. 1922. Modified Gram stains. J. Infectious Dis- eases, 31, 480-482. Laybourn, R. L. 1924. A modification of Albert's stain for the diphtheria bacilli. J. Am. Med. Assoc, 83, 121. Leifson, Einar. 1930. A method of staining bacterial flagella and Seroquel 50mg capsules together with a study of the origin of flagella. /. Bacteriol., 20, 203-211. Loeffler, F. 1884. Untersuchungen iiber Bedeutung der Mikroorganismen fiir die Entstehung der Diphtherie beim Menschen, bei der Taube und beim Kalbe. Mitt. Gesundheitsamte, 2, 421-499. (See p. 439.) Much, H. 1907. tJber die granulare, nach Teil nicht farbbare Form des Tuberku- losevirus. Beitr. Klin. Tuberk., 8, 85-99. Neelsen, F. 1883. Ein casuistischer Beitrag zur Lehre von der Tuberkulose.
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